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The social hotspot is of interest
to anyone who studies neuropsychological aspects
of human behavior in a social context.


Review on EEG measures of social anxiety


LIBC-social members Anita Harrewijn, Michiel Westenberg, and Melle van der Molen have recently published an interesting review article on electrocortical measures in research on social anxiety. 

Harrewijn, A., Schmidt, L.A., Westenberg, P.M., Tang, A., & van der Molen, M.J.W. (2017). Electrocortical measures of information processing biases in social anxiety disorder: a review. Biological Psychology129, 324-348. doi: 10.1016/j.biopsycho.2017.09.013



LIBC-social member Lisa Schreuder and her LIBC-social colleagues have published an interesting empirical paper on the neural correlated of prosocial decisions.

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Carsten de Dreu, new member of LIBC Social

This year, Carsten de Dreu has been appointed full professor at the Unit Social and Organisational Psychology of Leiden University. He recently joined the LIBC and is a new member of the hotspot LIBC social. Reason enough to interview Carsten about the LIBC, his research and his future plans.

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